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A-12-03A, A-12-05, Plaza Taragon, Jalan SS6/6, SS6, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Let me tell you
our story.

The history of Vangar, the front liners of the creative realm

How Our Digital Agency Came To Be

It all began with a bunch of quirky, creative, and forward thinking youngsters wanting to improve their lives and to unleash their awesome creativity onto world. Their adventures were fraught with trials and tribulations, but they were triumphant at end. Epic eh?

Us, Today

Now, we are an established and creative (sometimes too creative) web design, mobile app development, and SEO company (yes, we do all of those). And tirelessly pouring our creative juice into making websites, and mobile apps like no other! We work with both the most established clients and star-ups companies.

Our services.
Check out our awesome services!
Website And Web Design

Fun Yet Sophisticated Web Design

We pay full attention to our clients ideas for their website/mobile app and we will spin these ideas into shapes, colours, words and finally into a whole functioning website.

We’ll throw in some fun ideas into our web designs and blending them together with our clients ideas.


Into The Unknown: E-Commerce

Spreading your wings into the world of e-commerce can be daunting, but never fear! Vangar great minds are ready to help you startup your e-commerce site.

Both client and us will work together closely from designing and building to branding the finished website.

Mobile App.

Mobile App Development – The Little Fun Things

Providing the service of helping you to develop your very mobile app; be it a game, new social media, shopping, cloud storage for photos etc. (We don’t deal and develop dodgy sites, too much for our weak hearts)

We’ll make the finished mobile app has a stunning user interface (UI), the engine is stable and run smoothly. And of course, we’ll help the app to get across and be discovered by users.


Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) The Team That Do Digital Branding

It is all well and good the website/mobile app is completed and launched, but its a baby fresh website, how people will know or discover its very existence?

Its here where the SEO team comes in! we’ll help to insert on site SEO keywords seamlessly and beautifully! As well as for meta title and description.

Powerful portfolios.

Edge Themes give you all you need to create an amazing website. Designed and built with care.

Meet our esteemed and awesome clients!

For Clients

Without our esteemed clients Vangar wouldn’t be where it is today. We work with clients that are both well-established and just starting up. We’ll give 200% of our creativity regardless of the clients, our work standard will remain the same.

A Digital Agency That Offers More Than Just Web Design

We do more than just web design, we provide other digital solution, all the while sharing the beautiful ideas flying around in our minds with others.

Dream. Believe. Build.